Mark's love affair with the Rottweiler began in 1985 with his first boy Rudi 'Jagen Blue Rag Tag'. 

Although never a show dog, Rudi was Mark's best friend and companion for 6 years.

Riversrock began in 2002 when Travis 'Reizend Disco Inferno' came home, a grandson of  Reizend Earth Wind and Fire. 2 years later came Jazz 'Kiamera Just Jazz for Riversrock' followed soon by Troy 'Bournevalley Goldeneye to Riversrock'.

These dogs sadly are now all at the rainbow bridge, and have left huge holes in our hearts. 

Harry 'Juffther A New Hope for Riversrock' joined the family in 2012 and is the new man of the house. Shortly after he came home, came the very special Olly 'Quoja's Maximus to Riversrock ShCM' who has gone on to make history for our kennel. and was our 1st CC winning show dog. His son Jason then came to live with us  'Botlierskop Smoki Quartz avec Riversrock JW' and has done very well so far in the show ring. Jason sadly was taken away from us on 27th May 2018.