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Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW

2 CC’s

Mr Rodney Oldham – WELKS 2022

Mr Tan Negracha – City of Birmingham 2023

6 RCC’s

Mr Ernie Patterson – Paignton 2022

Mr Howard Ogden – Welsh KC 2022

Mrs Liz Dunhill – Boston 2023

Mr Jeff Luscott – WPB of Wales 2023

Mrs Marion Sargent – 3 Counties Show 2023

Mr David Cavill – National Working & Pastoral Breeds 2023

Numerous first places at UK Championship Shows

Won his way out of both Post Graduate and Limit Shows at UK Champ shows

Rottweiler Club of Wales Open Show Best in Show 2022 and 2023

Midland Rottweiler Club Open Show 2022 Best Dog

British Rottweiler Association Open Show RBIS & Reserve best Male 2023

L.A.S.E.R – Open Show – Reserve Best in Show 2023

Multiple WG1 wins at Open shows

Alfie Critiques



Mrs Anne-Marie Class


MPD (5,1) 1 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock. Lovely puppy, well-balanced, masculine, excellent body, sound mover, tail slightly gay, well-presented




Mrs B Hunter

 PD. 2 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock. Very clean lines on this lad, slightly longer in back. Well-developed chest, plenty bone and substance, tight feet, very sound on the move, enabled by nicely balanced front and rear angles. Well-developed dry headpiece with dark eye and correct ear set giving lovely calm expression.




Mr M Vines


JD .3 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock. Promising youngster, especially good head piece, will watch with interest.



Mr S Myring


PD (6,1) 1 & BPIB. Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock. 11 months A nicely marked boy with a good well-balanced head and lovely dark eyes. He moved away well and his gait is excellent, he has a good front and he impressed me when moving towards me on his return. I watched him in the Group and he impressed me again, he never put a foot wrong but unfortunately I wasn’t judging the Group



T. Mervyn Evans



Day 3: PD Stakes (12,7) 2 Powell Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock (Rottweiler) Well balanced and presents a great profile both standing and moving. Good skull, dry and with dark eyes and very good pigmentation. Excellent forehand with good bone, strong slightly sloping pasterns and good feet. Well-muscled and moved soundly both up and down. 




Barry Orr

JD. 2 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock. Larger dog than first, a bit rangy at the moment, good construction, head needs time to come on, dark eye and mouth pigment, moved well.




Tom H Johnston  


PD  2 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock. Slightly larger cast with masculine head and strong muzzle. Balanced and active, in good condition. Still to fill in the frame a bit more but has good breed type. 

LKA - 2019


Keith Baldwin

JD  (6) 

2 Powell’s, Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock, 15 months old and nice overall for type, construction and body, masculine head, medium sized dark eyes, scissor bite, body deep and firming up nicely, front legs straight with feet a touch wide, well angulated quarters providing the power on the move.



CRUFTS - 2020


Roy Baker

PGD 3, Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock, another attractive lad, balanced head, lovely lean lines, good pigmentation, strong top line, moved out well


BOSTON - 2020


Mrs Debbie Stansbury

JD (3,1) 2 Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock. Sixteen month male with a good head & dark eye. Slightly upright in front & feet could be tighter. Long deep ribcage & moved freely holding his backline. 




Ben Reynolds-Frost

OD (3) 2 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock JW. Two-and-a-half-year-old and still needs to mature for me. Good head and plenty of bone. Good length of neck and depth of brisket, good in hindquarters. He does appear to be long in body.



Mr Frank Kane

PGD (5, 1) 1 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock JW. 3 years, lovely proportions, excellent rib, chest and top line, carries a firm top line, excellent front action, can be a touch cleaner in rear but he has great drive. Strong masculine head, excellent coat and markings.




WELKS 2022

Mr Rodney Oldham

PGD (2) 1 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock. This lad grew on me as the class progressed, good for his upstanding type with decent leg length, has a masculine head without excess and his virtues well distributed, firm loin and defined stifles, fairly low set hocks, put all in for the final run around to snatch the well-deserved CC

Bath 2022

Mr Paul Harding

LD 1 Powell Mark & Jackie Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW. Three years old masculine head and expression correct ears, dark eye good muzzle to skull proportion, correct bite and dentition, strong neck and shoulders, well off for bone, well-muscled quarters, balanced throughout and showed on the move with good reach and drive


Mr Ernie Patterson

LD (3) 1 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW. This dog appealed and am sure he will make up. Clean outline great head and eyes, excellent shoulders he has a deep well-made body and maintains his top line on the move his angulation is good behind and he moved effectively here. He threw his front a little in the Challenge so RCC


W&P Breeds Malvern 2022

Mrs M Bryant

LD (5,3) 1 Powell Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock. A powerful nicely balanced boy, correctly made throughout, scored in head and expression happy kind eyes, good reach of neck into a straight front, balanced body of good proportions moved out well with his handler could short step occasionally well presented


Southern Counties 2022

Anders Tunold-Hanssen (Norway)

LD 2 Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW (Powell). Another well-constructed male. Excellent head and very typical expression. Small ears set high. Good reach of neck. Could have had a bit more angulations in front. Sufficient substance of body for his size. Well angulated rear. Moves with powerful and purposeful side gait, would have liked to see a bit more stability coming and going. Nice colour and markings.


East of England

Mr John Makenzie

LD 2 Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW (Powell). Smaller dog than 1 but full of quality, lovely head neck and body moved very well


WPB of Wales 2022

Mr Noel Beggs

PGD (3) 1 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW. 3 years old medium strong male of excellent type and balance. Strong clean masculine head of excellent proportions. Broad skull with well-defined stop and correct length of muzzle. Mid brown eyes of correct shape with neat well placed ears giving pleasing typical expression. Very good reach of neck with good shoulder placement and level top-line. Well developed under line. Excellent coat texture with clear well defined tan markings. Good bone with tight feet and balanced front and rear angulation. Although slightly close going away he moves out well maintaining his shape, but I would prefer a slightly loose tail.

WKC 2022

Mr Howard Ogden

LD 5(1) 1. Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW. Rising 4 years and it showed in his ‘finished’ make and shape, came in that ‘nothing worth changing’ category, met all the desired proportions, most lovely head without being too fully cheeked, arch to neck into an excellent forehand, straight in back to correctly placed croup, tail set and carriage, broad chest and correct amount of depth, coat in excellent condition, free and strong striding with both reach and drive, enthusiastically shown to best advantage, my notes read ‘classy’ as duly marked by RDCC, title bound.

City of Birmingham

Mr Stuart Mallard

Open Dog

2 Powell's, Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock JW. 4 y o with outline to suit I liked his balanced head with attributes to enhance. Clean front assembly and strong parallel limbs into reasonable feet. Shape to body with substance, decent topline and muscular well shaped hindquarters. Moved soundly and shown in good condition.

Boston - January 2023

Mrs Liz Dunhill

LD (4,1) 1 Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW (Powell) 4 year old medium sized, athletic in style and type, in super body coat and condition, consummate showman superbly schooled and handled. Pleasing masculine head clean dry skull, well placed small ears. Dark eye, good depth to muzzle, and good bite and pigmentation. Good shoulder, pro-sternum evident and well boned front tight feet. Excellent top and underline good depth to body , he’s a little long in loin, and has moderate rear angulation would like more width going away on the move, strong firm hocks standing. Good croup and well set on and well carried tail. This dog holds his shape on the stand and on the move, in great muscular condition with great attitude, excellent character. Great momentum on the move, Couldn’t deny him the reserve. CC. Quality dog


Mr David Cavill

OD 6 (1) Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock JW. I would have liked a fraction shorter coupling but this dog is excellent in every other respect. He has an excellent conformation, angulation and structure, a superb head and moved very well (DDD & BOB)



Jill Peak

Utility/Working (11) 1 Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW, Rottweiler (Powell) 4 yrs old Rottweiler very nice type shown in good coat and hard condition. Good head shape pleasing expression, plenty bone, good legs, like better feet, strong body well ribbed good quarters, moved soundly


Mr Joe Swinge

OD 4(1) 1. Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW. Typical of the breed, outstanding dog, strong head and neck with well laid shoulder, nice deep rib, good loin, strong level back, good muscle, correct bite, straight front and rear, moved and showed well.


Rottweiler Club of Wales Open

Miss Becky Verran 

Best in Show

OD (3,1) 1 Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW 5yr Medium sized quality male in superb condition. Masculine head with broad clean skull. Correct sized ears & carriage. Lovely dark almond shaped eyes, good length & width of muzzle. Correct bite & dentition and good pigmentation. Broad chest, strong straight front with lovely tight feet. Correct lay of shoulder, free of wrinkle. Strong topline which was held on the move. Good rear angles and correct tail set. Moved like a dream, excellent reach & drive. Had a great attitude & was perfectly handled. Loved him. BD & BIS 2

Sedgley & Gornal 2023

Cath Moffatt


Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow for Riversrock JW.

Rottweiler. Strong male of 5 years presented in excellent, well muscled condition, nice make and shape both standing and moving, moved out well with good reach and drive.

LKA December 2023

Ben Reynolds-Frost

OD (4) 1 Powell, Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock JW. Good all round but not overdone. Pleasing head, neck, front, feet and top line. Good depth of brisket with correct rib cage and hind quarters. Pleasing on the move front and rear. 

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