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Thanks to all judges for thinking so highly of our boy

Coventry and District Canine Society

Judge: Corinna Diamond

My BOB today and was delighted to find out later he was awarded 4th in the working group. Dog aged three years with complete and correct dentition and two fully descended testicles. This dog was not my immediate choice as the class winner as he is not the most masculine in size or substance however he is perfectly balanced and in proportion with no single exaggeration and his many breed qualities could not be denied. He is certainly fit for function and his energy was boundless, this dog has real endurance. Very much a real show man, biddable and so eager to please, totally in tune with his young handler, they make an excellent team and were a joy to judge. A medium size dog with not the strongest of heads, nevertheless the proportions are correct. Correct moderate wrinkle forms when attentive and he has a lovely calm gaze. Medium dark eye, correct almond shape and small pendant ears held close to cheeks. Muscular neck, free from throatiness flowing into good shoulders, this dog has adequate bone and rear angulation. Feet could be tighter. Correct tail set and tail in proportion to body. Tan slightly sooty in places. What really impressed me was his harmonious movement, so effortless and un restricted. Holds his top line well on the move and on the stand settles into a great clean shape. Such a good natured dog shown in very fit and lean condition.

Coventry (Foleshill)

Judge: Simon Luxmoore


BOB, G1, BIS, Lewis-Shermer’s Quoja’s Maximus to Riversrock, I preferred the head of 1 over 2 & the overall balance & movement. Keen alert expression, good topline, correct croup tailset & carriage shown in excellent coat & condition. Well handled & presented considering this was a lively exhibit;


North of England Rottweiler Club

Judge: Wendy Topping

3 year old male of lovely type, good angulation front and rear, good tail, firm topline, sound mover, nice head, good dark eye, medium ear, dark pigment, good front. Well handled.

Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show

Judge: Jean Lawless

3 years, not yet reached full maturity but clean in outline with no extremes, good bone & proportions & well marked. Lovely clean head with a dark eye, well set ears of good size, excellent lips & pigment. Good neck & topline, good chest & underline. Moved well coming & going, with a balanced side gait but could have just had a little more drive behind. RCC

Bournemouth Championship Show

Judge: David Cavill

A beautiful dog who moved well but just too slight for a dog. Attractive head.

Paignton Championship Show

Judge: Stuart Mallard

balanced head with attentive expression, alert dark eyes & he was on his toes, reach to neck, good bone, OK feet, not too long & with correct substance, enough turn to stifle

Evesham Open Show

Judge: Theresa Stockman

 nice young man who has a lovely head with a dark almond eye, correct dentition, well placed pendant ears, lovely reach of neck, strong back & good bone with tight feet, moved well, needs time to mature, handled well. BOB, G4, well done.

Windsor Championship Dog Show

Judge: Bridgette Bodle

2 ½ yrs old, smart  in outline and shown in tip top  condition, clean head with almond eye with good pigment, strong clean neck, straight forelegs to sloping pasterns and compact feet, well sprung ribs and sufficient depth of brisket, covered the ground with easy fluid movement, moved and handled to advantage, a contender for the RCC today but I think he has alot more to give  

Melton Mowbray Open Show

Judge: Christine Robinson

2years 10 month male, who is maturing nicely. Correct proportions, not the largest of males, but looking every inch a Rottweiler. Lovely head with dark eye giving the calmest of expressions, strong neck leading into a strong front assembly. Correct coat texture and rich tan markings, well muscled back end, moved effortlessly around the ring, his young handler totally in tune with him, pleased to award him BOB, and pleased to see him awarded WG4. Great results for this kennel.


Coventry and DCS Open Show

Judge: John Feehan

Good size two year old dog again with a lovely head & expression. Correct shape dark eye & correct dentition. Still has some maturing to do he has average bone, a straight front, a good topline, & average hind angulation. He is a very showy young dog with good driving movement & loads of presence. Very little to choose between him & my winner. 

Blackpool Championship Show

Judge: Rodney Oldham

appeals in head, eye and expression, skull has width but not overdone, clean with definite stop, very good neck into decent shoulders and straight front, would prefer better feet, deep well sprung ribcage and not too long in loin, good for rear angles and clear in tan, decent steady mover with reach and drive, in hard condition


Three Counties Championship Show

Judge: Frank Kane

2 years, I liked his body shape & proportions & slightly preferred his head to the winner in muzzle. Not as forward in body & chest & as the winner. Very good front action but turns his hocks in a little – however I liked him a lot for quality

LASER Open Show

Judge: Mandy McClure (Mankell)

Two and half year old male, lovely head and expression, dark eye, nice tan markings, tight feet, good front and rear angulation, good top and underlines, moved well.

Bath Championship Show

Judge: Paul Lawless

This is a really nice young male, still has plenty of maturing to do, but looking really promising. He is of good size & shape, good strength, lovely balanced head with the sweetest eye and expression. He had a nice reach of neck, well defined withers, good topline and croup, he has excellent bone & good feet & chest is well developed. Angulations are good front & rear & he is nicely balanced on the move. He has a lovely temperament & was well presented & handled, pleased to award him the CC.

North of England Rottweiler Club

Judge: Sue Hewart Chambers

smart clean boy, handsome head, tight lips dark eyes. nice straight front and tight arched feet, good depth of chest, tad good spring of ribs but a little short ,would also prefer better turn of stifle , good tail set, moved out easily


South Western Rottweiler Association
Judge: Trena Flowers (Scanian)

Another promising young male. Broad skull. Dark almond eye. Neat well set ears and correct scissor bite - dark pigmentation. Rich mahogany markings straight front - not as clean as one around the withers. Would prefer to see more front extension. Holds his topline on the move. Well handled. 

Boston Championship Show
Judge: Claire Cox (Heldenhaus)

medium size compact male who was carrying a bit of weight over his withers today which sadly spoilt his outline. He has a lovely head, dark expressive eyes & neat well placed ears, he also has lovely dark pigmentation. Straight front, super feet & sufficient angulation although not quite the shoulders of the winner, moved very soundly although I have seen him stride out more, I feel he was possibly one affected by the floor

LKA Championship Show
Judge: Rosemary Poole (Rostock)

 Medium sized male of good type, masculine balanced head with dark eyes, correct earset, good front & feet, clean shoulders firm topline, powerful movement. Preferred 1 on movement.

Bolsover and DCS
Judge: John Carter

a good strong head, correct front, body & topline, would like a better hindquarters with more drive. RBOB. 

Stafford and District Canine Society
Judge: Penny Salsbury

 Lively youngster, well proportioned, strong & true. Fabulous expression. Moved well if a bit of a handful but his exuberance & his self assured bold disposition really makes him stand out. Powerful & thrusting smooth gait. Beautiful feet. Lovely bend of stifle. Correctly broad skull with neat close laid ears & dark eyes. The soundness of this dog’s conformation & movement coupled with his positive demeanour meant I couldn’t deny awarding him BOB, lovely to see him go onto win G4 later in the day.


Driffield Championship Show
Judge: Kathleen Hindley (Yorlanders)

 lovely young who appeals in overall shape & outline. Attractive dry head, well balanced foreface & skull. Dark, well shaped eye neat well placed ears. Desired expression. Correct front, good bone, legs & feet. Neck flows into firm backline. Body & coat in good order. Well developed rearend, moves with freedom covering the ground as required. Well presented, the total package is good. RCC

BRA Championship Show
Judge: Wendy Steel (Upend)

Lighter boned medium sized male who shows so well for his young handler. Attractive head with correct proportions and a dark eye and mouth pigment. Medium sized correctly placed ears. Clean outline and good topline. Moved well holding his shape. Good top & underline, tight feet with a straight front. Correct Tail carriage.

Darlington Championship Show
Judge: Peter Keenan

Beautiful head on this dog with ear set very good, lovely length of neck with correct shoulder placement. Very good feet, topline is correct and always held when on the move. Rear action is very true just needs a little more second thigh to complete the picture but I think he will have a bright future in the ring.

Taunton and District Canine Society
Judge: Gavin Robertson (Soletrader)

masculine dog with strength & power throughout, well proportioned, lovely topline & tailset, muscular well angled rear, very good profile mover. BOB.

North Lincs Dog Club
Judge: Lee Reid (Trecealy)

19 months male of medium size. Presents a good outline with balanced angulation & has very good markings. Broad skull with slight wrinkle, small well carried ears & strong muzzle. Good shape dark eye and excellent mouth pigment. Straight front onto good feet. Moved out well with balanced strides. 

Paignton Championship Show
Judge: Mrs L Lewis

23 months medium sized dog, dark eye, pleasing head, correct neck, good front, well angulated rear & moved out well

Eastern Counties Rottweiler Club Championship Show
Judge: Noel Beggs

Medium size well developed male of good type. Typical masculine, balanced head with dark correct shaped eyes giving a keen alert expression. Excellent reach of neck with good shoulders and top line. Well developed underline. Slightly short in upper arm with good bone and moderate rear angulation. Good feet and rich tan markings. Sound free powerful mover maintaining a firm if slightly long back line and correct tail carriage. Well presented and in excellent condition

Clacton and District Canine Society
Judge: D Weller

nice head & dark almond eye, good neck and shoulder, correct in back for length, deep chest, firm topline held on the move, well off for bone with neat feet, powerful drive from rear, moved and showed well. RBOB.

Northwich and District Canine Society
Judge: Christine Robinson (Tazmanic)

19 month male, not the largest of dogs, but correct 9 - 10 proportions, still has some maturing to do, lovely head, with a dark eye giving a calm expression, strong neck leading down to strong front assembly, tight feet, correct coat texture and colourings with defined tan markings. Moved easily around the ring, sympathetically handled. Pleased to award him BOB.

Rottweiler Club of Wales
Judge: Mr Howard Monk

Good quality overall. Good head type with medium eye colour. Slightly less front angulation than 1st, good rear angulation, level topline. Gaited with required purpose

Laser Open Show
Judge: Yvonne Beckers

Medium size 20 months, would like a bit more substance. Friend, social. Nice head and expression. Very good skull. Well set and carried ears. Very good stop, dark brown almond shape eye. Scissor bite and dark pigment. Slightly heavy on the lip. Strong neck, very good top and underline. Well set and carried tail. Chest proportions need to develop further. Bit steep in front angles, very good rear angles. Sound movement with very good reach and drive.

Bath Championship Show
Judge: Steve Hall

Smart youngster that excels in lots of ways, good head, very good balance throughout, portrays strong rear driving action going away with good firm topline, good bodily condition.

Marlborough and District Canine Society
Judge: Jane Tibbs

20 month old handsome male with an excellent head & expression. Broad skull, well defined stop, good eye shape & colour, deep muzzle & correct dentition. Well placed shoulders, good straight front, well balanced dog with strong quarters & topline remained firm on the move. Showing good extension to the front. Pleased to award him BOB & delighted to see him take G1

Judge: Pauline Lockyer

 just 19 months old but a very promising male. Attractive head with dark eye of correct shape giving him the required calm expression. Still has a lot to do development wise but it is all coming together nicely. Moved very soundly around the ring holding his topline at all times. Good tail of correct length & carried well. Pulled out all the stops, & was handled to perfection in the run off, to win this strong group. Well done. One to watch.

Judge: Norma Window

18 months, medium size with sufficient bone. Very good presence and character although needs more development through the ribcage and torso, head developing well, correct proportions with tight skin, good stop, strong well filled muzzle, very expressive dark brown eyes of correct shape, medium sized ears well placed and carried, mottled mouth pigment with tight lips. Longer neck into straight front legs but needs to develop through front angulation and pasterns, front feet slightly open. Strong topline in stance and movement, rear angulation needs to open more on move and hocks on the narrow side. Correct coat texture with rich brown markings. Excellent tail carriage. 

The Midland Rottweiler Club Championship Show
Judge: Brian Hindley (Yorlander)

very promising youngster, with a stunning outline. Medium sized with lovely dry, clean head. Dark, correctly shaped eyes. Well set ears. Good front, well boned, tight feet. Correct amount of body, coat in good condition. Firm topline with well-developed rear end. Moved out with good reach, in complete harmony with his handler.


The Rottweiler Club Championship Show
Judge: Maria Makomaski

Medium size, medium bones, good proportions, friendly. Correct head, well sitting ears, dark brown eyes, scissor bite. Correct top and bottom line, slightly sloping croupe. Good chest, need more forechest and front angulations. Good topline on the movement, enough reach, should have better drive. Very good coat and marking. 


Coventry Ladies
Judge: Lorraine Sylvester 

16 months medium sized male, broad masculine head, strong muzzle, dark eye, dark mouth pigmentation, well set and carried ears, makes a clean outline, straight front, balanced angles, both fore and aft, level topline. Would prefer him shorter. Broad, strong second thigh, strong hocks, tight feet, good coat and colour, adequate bone, tail ok, really in sync with his handler & moved out well with drive in limited ring space. 


Coalville and District Open Show
Judge: Ken Giblen (Paladuro)

I had to leave my first examination of this boy, due to his obvious excitement, but once he settled he was fine. A medium size male, but at only 17 months still has plenty of time to grow on. Correct bite and sides, dark mouth. Strong broad muzzle, correct length and large clear black nose, and depp under jaw. Broad skull, excellent stop, gradual rise over forehead. Dark almond shaped eyes. Well set ears. Straight front, broad chest. Strong, well arched neck and nape, leading into shoulders. 50/50 height ratio. Good angles fore and aft, and correct pastern angles. All feet facing forward. Strong back, and level top line, held on the move. Nice croup length and good width of thigh. Good tail length. Maybe a tad high in tail set, but this youngster is always trying to please his handler, so tail will appear to be rising. Moves with purpose, reach and drive. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

Boston Championship Show
Judge: Melanie Harris

Sixteen and a half month old dog smart young male who was well handled to get the best out of him. Good size, with a clean outline in very good condition. Dry head with broad skull, dark eye of good shape and colour, well set ears. Well boned with straight front and tight feet. Good length of neck, slight roll over shoulder and would prefer slightly better angulation. Well proportioned body with correct topline. Strong hindquarters, which were well muscled. Moved well with good length of stride and side gait. Again, just needs to strengthen behind which will come as he matures. 

Eastern Counties Rottweiler Club Open Show
Judge: Joe Smith

Just 16 months old so has a lot of maturing to do but of ideal size with lovely bone. His head is balanced with a clean skull and neat ears, eyes of correct shape and colour, excellent stop and strong muzzle, good under jaw and bite, strong body, nicely ribbed with good top line. Not the easiest of dogs to handle but the young lady in charge did a great job to get the very best out of him. delighted to award him BD BOS and RBIS.

Worcester and Malvern Canine Society Open Show
Judge: Sarah Cross (Derseiger)

1st Powell’s Quoja’s Maximus To Riversrock, very smart young male of 16 months, beautiful dry head with broad skull, good stop, nice neat ear carriage, dark eyes giving a nice calm gaze, strong muzzle & underjaw, correct scissor bite, excellent mouth pigmentation. Strong neck, slight roll over the withers. Straight front, good forechest, strong pasterns with tight feet. Elbows close fitting to body, good body proportions, good strong level top line held on the move. Good turn of stifle, strong hocks, well muscled upper and lower thighs, good tail set, very balanced overall with good foot fall, true coming and going, at one with his handler on the stand and on the move. Very pleased to award him Reserve Best of Breed. Will watch this youngster with interest.

South Western Rottweiler Association Championship Show
Judge: John Warder

14 months. Male of good proportions with straight front. Stronger type head with furrow on forehead. Round eye. Medium pigmentation. Lovely male. Showed well. 

Paignton Championship Show
Judge: Rodney Oldham

Also possesses good head properties and expression, would like feet to tighten a touch, ribcage developing well for age, not quite the definition to hindquarters of 1 as yet, needs time.

Eastern Counties Rottweiler Club Championship Show
Judge: Barbara Morris

Nice head, medium eye. Good neck. Excellent topline which he held well on the move. Straight front with tight feet. 

Alfreton and District Open Show
Judge: Gary Southgate

11 month old dog. Good broad skull, good almond shaped eyes, good length of neck, well boned, good spring of rib, good strong movement, BPIB and Working Puppy Group 4. 

Leeds Championship Show
Judge: Dawn Rathmell

Litter brother to one and similar remarks apply. Not quite as clean in outline and movement but feel sure he will come on and give his brother a run for his money.

The Rottweiler Club Championship Show
Judge: Mr Meister

Well developed with strong bone and good substance, correct head, correct coat, dark eyes, correct muzzle, correct neck and throat, correct development of the throat and chest, Back straight and strong, croup a bit too long, correct harsh coat, good walking pattern, correct markings. Calm and friendly. 

The Rottweiler Club of Wales
Judge: Paul Harding

Seven month old, pleasing dark eye, neat ears giving a pleasing expression, strong neck and shoulders, good bone and feet, nice top line and tail set giving a nice outline when stacked, moved and handled well. 

The Rottweiler Club Puppy Stakes
Judge: Joan Adams

Very young male, dark eye, good bite, clear tan. Excellent bone, attractive head, ears carried well. Development just about right for his age. Movement loose but relatively true. If all goes well should make an attractive typical male. 

British Rottweiler Association Open Show
Judge: Sally Benstead (Carsal)

6 mths and his first show, raw baby of medium size and substance, head developing nicely, medium brown almond shaped eye, correct ears and set, correct dentition and pigmentation. Strong neck, clean shoulders and level top line. Correct coat, markings and colour. Tail set correct and carried well. Good angles front and rear. Moved very well and has a lovely attitude.

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