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Thanks to all judges for thinking so highly of our boy

British Rottweiler Association Open Show
Judge: Sally Benstead

18 months medium size and substance. Masculine head with dark almond shape eyes, ears ok but has tendency to fly one at times, strong muzzle, correct dentition and pigmentation. Strong neck, some wrinkles over shoulder. Level topline. Angles ok front and rear. Tail correct. Good coat and colour. Moved well.

Coventry and District Kennel Association
Judge: Derek Allsop

21 months dog, headed a nice trio of exhibits. Masculine head, dark eyes, nice pigmentation, nice front, good bone, good reach of neck, correct shoulders, good topline, lovely body, good angulation, tailset ok. Was well presented and very sound. Pleased to award him BOB and pleased to hear he was shortlisted in the working group under judge Mr M Feehan. 

Alfreton and District Open Show
Judge: Gary Southgate

Just under 2 years old dog, good head, well set ears and deep chest and good movement. Just missed out on BOB. 

Coventry Ladies 
Judge: Lorraine Sylvester

2 years 4 months good sized male, well proportioned, masculine head, with dark eye, dark mouth pigment. Tendency to fly ears slightly spoiling his expression. Strong neck, slight roll over withers, liked his body proportions, depth of brisket & level topline, adequate front and rear angles, strong hocks. Tail a little tight. Good bone and substance, tan markings could be richer in colour. Adequate mover. 

Eastern Counties Rottweiler Club Open
Judge: Joe Smith

28 months old of good breed type. Looks good on the stack presenting a typical outline. Movement wise coming at me a little wide in front & pinning on his left pastern. Markings a little pale. 

Crufts 2015
Judge: Norma Window

2.5 years, very clean & smart, medium size, sufficient bone for size, well balanced although a tad stretched in the loins. Strong clean head of correct proportions, good stop, broad upper skull and strong muzzle, dark brown eyes of correct almond shape giving a good expression, well set ears of small to medium size, good mouth pigmentation and tight lips. Longer neck, needs more front shoulder angulation, slightly flat in withers and has wrinkle over shoulders, well developed brisket, straight front legs and very good feet. Good under and toplines and has a strong tight topline on the move. Long angulated rear quarters with strong hocks, moved soundly with sufficient reach and drive. Flat coat of correct texture with excellent clear brown markings, correct croup, tail set & carried well. It was a close decision between 1 & 2 but he just won it on his showmanship . 

Laser Open Show
Judge: Yvonne Beckers

Large size, 2 ½ years, Friendly, social. Very good skull, well set ears that he can carry correctly, right ear folds. Very good stop. Medium brown almond shape eye. Scissor bite, dark pigment. Bit heavy on lips. Strong neck, very good top and underlines. Well set and carried tail standing. Very good chest proportions. Open elbow, bit steep in front. Very good angles in rear. Would like more knee angulations. Very good coat and markings. Very good movement, and very good reach. Would like a bit more drive. Tail goes into a ring on the move.

Northwich and District Canine Society
Judge: Christine Robinson (Tazmanic)

2 years male, with a nice head and good infill, lovely dark eye, and correct dentition. Doesn't have the reach of 1, as is a little upright in shoulder, good tail set, coat texture and colouring.

Clacton and District Canine Society

very impressive male. Has the outline I was looking for. A picture of strength and power. Has a correct head pattern, dark expressive almond eye, strong arched neck into good lay of shoulder, well made front and rear quarters, straight front, slightly sloping pasterns, plenty of bone, firm level topline held on the move. Moved with strength and purpose, power from rear, showed well. BOB

Rottweiler Club of Wales Open Show
Judge: Tracy Morgan

A very smart guy with a lovely headpiece of correct proportions, a dark eye of good shape and well filled underneath, neat well placed ears. Strong arched neck flowing into a nice sloping shoulder, which is well laid back. Nice width of front propped up on good bone with a slight incline to pastern and tight feet.  Nice spring of rib and strong coupling, strong back with very slight slope to the croup held up by a well angled rear which he used to great effect. Topline and underline in harmony. Great reach and powerful drive displayed in side gait and very true coming and going. A real nice balance of outline, and always put himself foursquare without prompting and was in real good muscular condition, he made a very good account of himself in the challenge for BEST DOG, demanding the top spot and somehow managed to pull out even more stops when challenged by the BB to take BEST IN SHOW. 

Stafford and District Canine Society
Judge: Penny Salsbury

 Powerful looking boy with correct proportions. Superb head with broad skull and well defined stop. Neat well shaped ears lying close to cheeks. Fabulous dark eyes & appealing expression. Excellent condition coat with correct undercoat. Moved with ease & fluidity & all the time maintaining a firm strong back.

Bolsover and DCS
Judge: John Carter

good strong head & underjaw, in good body, level topline & strong hindquarters, won on his soundness from all angles. BOB, 

British Rottweiler Association
Judge: Stephen Basford

 a strong contender to 1 but lighter in markings. Nevertheless a beautiful dog, well balanced with tight feet, correct coat texture with a dark eye & well proportioned ears. Solid 1st & 2nd thigh muscle allowed drive & efficient movement. RBIS

South Western Rottweiler Association
Judge: Trena Flowers (Scanian) 

 Clean dry head. Well set ears. Dark eye and pigmentation. Correct dentition. Nicely marked and rich tan. Good length of neck.. Would prefer more substance and better turn of stifle. Moved well. 


Coventry and DCS Open Show

Judge: John Feehan

a top size three year old male with a lovely head and expression, nice dark eye, correct dentition and earset. He has good shoulder placement, plenty of bone and a straight front. He is well proportioned with a good topline & correct turn of stifle. Another nice free mover with a lovely side gait although he does show a slight elbow on the return. RBOB

Chepstow and DCS Open

Judge: Peter Matfin

a dog, with a good head, correct eye and strong scissor bite, sound throughout moved ok.

Evesham Open Show

Judge: Theresa Stockman


dog who has a lovely head, dark eye, neat placed ears, correct dentition, strong neck, has wrinkles over shoulders, strong back with nice turn of stifle, well off for bone, moved well;

Richmond Championship Show

Judge: Kari Jarvinen

correct proportions on this strongly built male, excellent body & bone, well moving, good value for RCC;


North of England Rottweiler Club

Judge: Wendy Topping

4 year old male nice outline, good tail, good angulation front and rear, good front, dark eye medium ears, dark pigment, nice head, sound mover.

LKA Champ Show

Judge: Dave Killilea

5 year old, strong and typey. Quality head and expression with neat ears and good eye shape and colour. Stands true in front and parallel behind. Good top-line and tail-set, correct carriage and moves out well. 

Crufts 2018

Judge: Deboray Hoy (Debrinka)

Good sized male, well muscled with excellent reach and drive around the ring, attractive outline on the stand with only slight wrinkle over the shoulders. Another lovely head from this kennel. Clean, dry, broad skull with dark eyes and close set ears, lighter in tan, correct dentition and tail. Liked him a lot.

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